Beat ME “like a wife”

September 6, 2010 10:06 pm 2 Comments

Not too long ago I was at a large outdoor birthday party. I was sitting around a table. A few men and their wives. I hadn’t payed close attention to the conversation. At some point it came to a joke. One man said “Be quiet woman or I’ll beat you…I’ll beat you…like a wife”. The table broke out into laughter. The men at the table laughed heartily. The women sat quietly in obvious frustration. “Oh its just a joke” he said.

I was absolutely infuriated. I wanted to say something. I was by far out numbered and frankly out muscled. These were the type of guys I felt would have had no problem beating me senseless and dropping me in a ditch. Probably the same way they would have a woman. Speaking out surely would have caused conflict. I was a guest of a friend and didn’t want to make a scene.

I am non-conflicting, non-violent. A fire grew inside me. I was soo pissed off. What could I do? Speak up among these angry violent men? I sure contemplated it. I sure didn’t laugh.

This is the fire I am faced against every day. Speak out against these types of men? Speak out against these types of comments? I hear them and other derogatory comments towards women far too often. Absolutely speak out. No more. I will not accept this any longer. Don’t say those kinds of things around me, don’t say those kinds of things at all.

We all need to speak out. We need to say these attitudes and types of statements are simply not unacceptable.

I am starting to speak out. My anger against these comments grows, against the acceptance of these attitudes grows. My lack of concern for myself in speaking out against such comments grows. I’ll speak out. I put myself at risk, gladly.

I’ll speak out. Go ahead, beat ME, beat ME “like a wife” so that she may be spared. I’ll gladly be the whipping post for the brunt of your anger. Just don’t touch her. Beat ME PLEASE!!!

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