Modigliani Movie

December 16, 2010 12:46 pm Leave your thoughts

Modigliani Movie

I love movies about art and artists. Modigliani staring Andy Garcia has been out for years now. I finally got around to seeing it recently. Can’t say I have seen too many movies with Andy Garcia I haven’t liked, he’s a top notch actor in my opinion. Though this wasn’t the greatest role I have ever seen him in, he certainly did an excellent job.

The film pays a great deal of attention exploring Modigliani and Picasso’s rivalry. It also highlights Modigliani’s struggle to make ends meet as an artist, something many artists can probably relate to.

I have always appreciated Modigliani’s work whenever I came across it but can’t say I have ever looked it in very much depth. Perhaps the movie has sparked some interest in taking a longer look into him and his work.

The film is well directed, well acted and the cinematography is good as well. I definitely recommend it!

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