10 Great Living Artists

April 15, 2011 12:09 pm Leave your thoughts

So often as artists we here “You’ll be famous when you die” or “Your art will be worth a lot of money when you die”. Its a common misconception, and often a joke, that artists all live in poverty and obscurity until after their deaths when their work is suddenly discovered and realized for its value.

As a younger artist for many years I held this belief as well. As I started getting out more in the art world, going to shows and keeping up with art related news, I began to realize there are many very talented painters alive, well and significantly recognized for their work.

Here is a list of some of my favorite living artists. Enjoy!

1. Lisa Yuskavage
Lisa Yuskavage on Facebook

2. Nicoletta Thomas

3. John Currin
John Currin
John Currin on Facebook

4. Fabian Perez
Fabian Perez on Facebook

5. Inka Essinghigh
Inka Essinghigh on Facebook

6. Jia Lu
Jia Lu

7. Margret Dyer

8. Bill Mack
Bill Mack on Facebook

9. Xenia Hausner

10. Craig Srebnik

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