25 Ways to Worship a Goddess

April 28, 2011 7:42 pm Leave your thoughts

Just because=]…

1. Respect her implicitly
2. Hold the door for her
3. Ladies first always (in and out of the elevator, ordering at the table, passing in front of you)
4. Help her up or down the subway(or other) stairs with her stroller
5. Give up your subway (bus, or other) seat for her
6. Buy her flowers for no reason and expect nothing in return
7. Do the Avon walk. Help in the fight against breast cancer
8. Compliment her just because and expect nothing in return
9. Speak out against and help in the fight against domestic violence
10. Speak out against narrow minded portrayals of feminine beauty by popular media.
11. Donate your time or money to a organization that provides support for women such as RAINN, Safe Horizon, ARIANY, vday, New York Womens Foundation
12. Never lie to her
13. Listen to her
14. Buy her lunch and expect nothing in return
15. Tell your friends its not cool when they refer to women with derogatory statements such as bitch or ho
16. Watch the kids for a night so she can hang with the girls
17. Never ever look at her as an object
18. Tip her an extra %5 just because and expect nothing in return
19. Send her a post card to let her know you are thinking of her
20. Carry the groceries in for her
21. Leave her post it notes to let her know she is special
22. Help an old lady across the street
23. Fly across the country to see her
24. Do the dishes for her
25. Help her to accept nothing less than this

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