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How I work with models

A little about how I work. I typically work in three to four hour sessions. During these sessions I work in pencil only no photographs, developing preliminary sketches. I then take these sketches and rework them, and trying to extract from them something, which communicates the models personal as well as physical beauty, then developing them into a final product from which I paint. In some cases, this happens over multiple sessions, developing the work into a series. I do not pose or direct the models I work with in any fashion, giving them control of the situation and environment. I prefer the model take her own poses. My art is about personal feminine beauty, and in working in this way it gives the model a chance to express and communicate something of herself, which ultimately it is my goal to try and capture. I encourage conversation during the session, to gain more insight into the models personality, and also to make for a more comfortable situation.

No experience is necessary, and I often prefer working with models who have no previous experience, as they are less likely to take a rehearsed set of poses, and more likely to express something original of themselves. I often slightly abstract color and shape to capture and express these things. I work with a contract. It is simple and basic. It gives me the right to use a models likeness in my work, covers time and financial reimbursement. I take my work seriously, maintain professionalism and can provide references. At the same time I try to provide an environment in which the model is relaxed, comfortable and able to express herself.

Special projects and Series

These are some of the special projects or series I am currently working on or am planning for the future and am seeking models for

Women Affected by Breast Cancer Series

I am planning to work on a series of works that explore women who are survivors of breast cancer. I am specifically interested in doing tasteful sketches of women whom have had a mastectomy.

Breast Feeding/Mother & Child Series

I would like to do a series that explores the beauty of a mother and child and specifically the beauty of breast feeding.


I would like to do a series that explores the beauty of dance. Access to a dance studio is a bonus.


Looking to work with pregnant models.

Native American Women Series

I am planning to work on a series that captures the beauty of the Native American woman. I would like to include in this series sketches of Native American models in traditional clothing and as well as partial nudes and full nudes. Interested models should have their own idea’s on what they feel would best express their beauty and the beauty of their culture.

Models interested in any of these projects please email me at for more info. I would love to hear your thoughts and input as well.